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Friday, April 28, 2006

Graphite me up...... Self portrait.

Just a self Portrait and some Hand studies.


My Hands.

Theres some issues going on here I know, done in under an hour for both of them along with some sketches so I kinda rushed it. Next one Ill take more time with. Self portrait and hand studies are a good way to get you to draw what you see. Hopefully these exersices along with my once a week 2 hour model drawings will boost my skills up...... ummm yeap Im out.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

2mm lead sharpner owns ME....

K first of all spaming the massive black concept work shop whoot the site is up for anyone who may come across my humble blog here is the link for you

K thats done.... wish I could go.

Ummmm yeah just bought a 2mm lead sharpener. Ive had a 2mm lead holder for a year or so and never been able to find a sharpener for it and today paid a visit to speedies and lo and behold their it was whooot I love it. Anyway heres anouther Kings son design done with a 4b 2mm lead holder.

Dumbness lol.
Umm some heads. That is all.

Im done for now. A few notes to before I go.

A) Miss you Dez, I hope everything is going well for you.

B) I wish I could go to the Massive Black and work shop SOB so wish I could go.

C) BuckCherry fucking ownz.

D) Loven my lead sharpner fawk yeah.

E) Later.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Massive Black Workshop.... so wish I could go :(

Well anouther year older now and not the wiser ..... I think Im actually getting dumber o_0.

Anyway Id love to go to the Massive Black workshop. Heres a poster... Im thinking its andriod who did this... just has his flare to it. Ill find out later.

Couple sketches I did today .... not to much other than that.

K thats all for now. Later.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Tinker Bell..... that is all.

K a few more Tinker Bell designs. Not quite what Im going for. I want taint her more.... shes suppose to be the whore figure so I want to play that up more.... mabey Ill find what Im looking for in my next batch. Anyway heres what I have atm.

This first one is the most finished ..... the rest are sketches.

K well that is all for now. Later.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

B-day on the April,19 Wed.....

Yeah having a little party on wed night so if you want to stop by starting at 6pm or so your welcome.

Just planing on watching some movies mabey setting up a game of poker and playing some music..... and byob.

nuff said Ill phone yall and post on ye ol blogs.

Later. Crap Im old..... dam.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Howl and Tink.

Just seen the movie Howls moving Castle last night. Man I love it. Howl comes off as being to nice for someone with no heart so I remade him a bit Darker.

Heres some Tinker bell designs as well. I started off with a study of Tinker Bell as she is in the Diseny Universe.

And then I did a quick tribal kinda sketch.

After that I played around with a Dark Tinker Bell before moving on to the final pic.

Heres the Final Tinker Bell.

And heres a winged hooded guy I drew on kids night. This was a requested drawing.

Yawn going to catch some zzzzz before work tonight.


Ps. Sorry I couldnt make it out to you B-day Phil. Happy late B-day :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I AM A JEDI......... FUCK U.

ummmm Yeah. Just some random junk I gotz going on here. I dont know whats with me lately but Ive really been having fun just fooling around with my drawings. Not to serious as of late lol.

K and now for some Fetish bunnies..... although I really need to find my origanal sketches cuz these look off for some reson. Anyway really disturbing stuff lol.

Hmmmm that is all for now. Good night all. Time to rest my odd mind. Kinda hopeing for some wierd dreams tonight..... " If your going to do robot things, You main as well be a robot."

Wax Devil heads and Digital Sheep ... to all a good night.


Mood..... amused and tired.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Over the Hedge....and then some.

Well lets try this again. I tried to post a few days ago when I got a minute but Blogger was a bogging and I couldnt upload pictures. So Im having anouther go at it.

Lets start at the title then. I was working kids night yesterday and we just pimped out the kidz corner with a buncha junk, including a poster of the new movie Over the Hedge (really want to see this one) so seeing as the poster was there I sketched acouple of characters off the poster. The Barking cat isnt one of the characters..... just something for fun before I decided to sketch these out.

K a project character. The black maiden..... I think this is the third concept of her. The second one didnt turn out so hot.

A horse head for Tanja.... sorry if I miss spelled your name. I might be doing a logo design for her. Whoot fun stuff, gives me a excuse to do some refrence drawing anyway..... which I really need to do alot more of.

A tattoo for one of our fellow coworkers..... I hope you get it done Stacey. And Dez Im working on yours really I am..... why are all the simple designs the hardest to do..... arghhhh, Mabey Im just putting to much thougth into it .... I'll just start sketching and see what comes out of it. Anyway here the designs I did up for Stacey.

And just a bunch of sketches.



Bad Hair Day.

OHHHHH and a I just aquired a freaking wicked book. Art of Star Wars... The movies, although visually awinspiring, were a bit of a let down.... not a total let down but not living up to the Star Wars of old. Anyway The art team which was used for these three movies was a power house of my favorite concept artist like Feng Zhu(The reson I got into concept art), Ryan Church, Iane McCaig <---- designed Darth Maul. These are just a few. Most ppl are like hey the looks like a Degas or a Rembrant or whatever, I go thourgh books and Im like hey the looks like a Wesly Burt or a Iane McCaig lol yeah super geek. I sat through the credits at the last Harry Potter film just to see ... Iane McCaig concept design. Anyway heres the cover. This book owns me.

K well thats all for now.... wow first I dont post for weeks and then I spam you all to death lol. I'll shut up now.


Mood. Inspired

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Featured ARTIST. ALIEN 1452.

Yeah I havent posted for a freaking long time. I still havnt scaned anything but I thought it was about time to feature a new artist so here he is.

His online alias is Alien1452 Heres a few of his works from his online blog. To the right you'll find links to both his blog and his web site (some English. Good thing drawing is a universal language freaking whoooot.)K heres some stuff. Hes really into the ladies.

He has a wicked anime style so if your looking for something new to see check out his blog and site.

Yeah Ill have some new stuff up soon. Tommorrow or tonight mabey.

Mood: confused and lost .

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