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Friday, January 20, 2006

New site in the works. Tattoo based.

My new front page for my Tattoo site is done check it out at .... or just click on the pictures above lol.
K most people knowme also know that Im never really content with my web sites so my new years goal is to make one that last a whole year..... with that being said Im going to put alot of time and energy into making a kick ass site..... well more like TWO kick ass sites.One site for my Concept art and one for Tattoo design. I feel that they both deserve there own site. Im going to use as a hub for both of them so when you go to my address it will give you the choice of ethier entering the Tattoo site or the Concept art site. Right now though Im focusing on the Tattoo site seeing as Ive been doing alot of Tattoo designs for people. I figure if Im doing lots of Tattoo desing I main as well make some money at it. We'll see how that goes.I have a wicked kool line up for tattoos.... Im doing the astrological signs and then doing some runes after that ummmm well I have some ideas.
In other news my wife has become part of the blogging community you can pay her a visit just go to the links section on the right and hers is Rant and Raves of my Mind. Welcome to the world of BLOGGING HAAHHAHAHAHHAHHA .... and so on and so forth in formentioned maner ..... :/ I have issues.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mo STUFFFFFF .... Yeah.

Um Yeah nothing to say as of now so
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stoph bustN out some HAPPY PANDAS

these arnt mine, but I was just chatting with Stoph and he posted this pic and when I checked it out I was like MAN I so gotta Post this ..... so I asked if I could post this pic and here it is.
I'll find his sketch book to and post a link up when I get time need to be off soon.
Any way Thanks Stoph. I know some ppl who love Happy Pandaz.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Charcoal is SEXY.

Just a charcoal portrait I did yesterday. I love charcoal it dirty/Messy and dark what else could you ask for.
On to other news though....... *takes a deep breath* MARKO DJURDJEVIC IS COMING OUT WITH A VIDEO ..... HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLYSHITTTTTTTT *passes out due to not breathing in*

Alright well I just happened to stuble upon a thread at my fav hang out place on the web (the forums ROCK). Anyway theres this thread on videos so Im reading the thread and it starts to go off topic(IN RECORD TIME) like some tend to do and Im thinking dam no videos ah well, so Im reading anyway cuz hijacked threads can be freaking funny ( the topic Which cartoon character would you nail). Just as Im about to leave the thread due to lack of funny replys I see Marko Dejurdjevic and think to my self SWEAT this guys a riot so he says

Marko Dejurdjevic
Well, I'm almost done recording my first DVD for you guys

I was freaking out, SO I reply a few post down

Ink Monkey
Marko ......... I've already cut off my right nut and am currently selling it on E-bay so that when your DVD I can scoop up a copy right away ....... soooo I hope your not joke'N about the DVD OR I just lost a nut lol...... awwww man I hope you not joke'N

next day.

Marko Dejurdjevic
Not joking :]

Marko .... I love you.

No response to date. I hope I didnt creep him out ..... Mabey I shouldn't tell him that I want to eat his brains and attain his all mighty power of character design...mmm yes best keep that one to myself.

aheam yes well now I must be off and with the drawing and such ....umm good day and such.
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