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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween all :)

yep Halloween post no time to really talk need to head off to school.

Later and Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Something wicked this way comes...

Halloween is upon us in just under a week * does the happy dance *. Yeah Im super pumped for Halloween this year, Got a crazy party in the works.... this sat night, hope to see alot of you ppl there. I decided to go as a pirate this year, never been a pirate before so i went all out with my costume... even bought a real sword. Ill upload some pics once I get some. Anyway enough ranting ummmm right online sketch book so time to post some pics. Yep.

This one is a Reaper Goddess.. or Demondess whatever.... yeah uber goth chick.

A little more mild halloween spirit. Pumkin skull

And Hell boy cuz why the Hell not. This is my dam sketch book so I decide what goes in it >_0

Yeah as Halloween Draws nearer Ill be Drawing sum creepy stuff. Mabey anouther post before halloween.... mabey.
Talk to you later.

Monday, October 16, 2006

distended testicles 0_o

Things that need doing.

1 pic for Cole
2Kings son design
3Featured artist <----- If you've never checked out my featured artist this guy is a must.

This ones for you Cole.

Oh wait, my bad. You wrote that old men should NEVER be naked... whoops I read it as always wow how do you mix up those two words? >.<

Marko Djurdjevic, This guy is mad with pencil if I had a fraction of his skills I'd be happy lol

K Im outa here for now Later.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Will you bite the Hand that Feeds.

Will you chew untill it bleeds
Can you get up off your knees
Are you brave enough to see
Do you want to change it?

Ummm ya listen to some NIN while drawing whoot love em. Heres the snake Demondess I tried to upload the other day.

Some Thunderdome chick ... watched Max beyond Thunderdom last week.

some doomsayer dude.

Anouther redraw of the Spider Goddess.

Well thats all for now L8ter.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Mo junk.
Havent posted for a long time although Ive been sketching alot, nothing really worth posting though. Still in order for me to keep pushing my art Im going to atleast try to update once a week. knowing that might get me to make a couple of things worth pplz time.
Heres my new line Im thinking of doing a line of Goddess and Demondess for fun.

This first one is a Spider Goddess or Demondess which ever... I had a better version on a larger piece of paper but my scanner wont scan that big and I cant find the exact center to paste it together in the comp. Any who heres my redraw.

Heres some progress shots.

and just some random junk.

K thats all for now I had one more pic but Bloggers being retarted atm so It'll have to wait till next post.

Hope you all are well.


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