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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Graphite = FUN.

Umm just a couple of sketches .... re-did the goblin in pencil and a close up of the dark fairy.

Thats all Later.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

MASSIVE brushpen update *too FUN*

Just been playing around with a brush pen the last couple days. I was sketching the other day and going no were fast so I grabed my ole brush pen and things just started to flow. There some thing about drawing in a medium were you know misstakes are unavoidable so you just go at it and get you ideas out. It's very relaxing.

K first up some design ideas for my website hopefully up by this fall. Im taking my time on this one cuz I dont want to have to redesign it every couple months lol.

Ummmm Dragon tattoo designs.

Some ppl.

And a cuddly little fella ..... dontcha just want to hug him. I know I do :)

Sum more ppl.

Talk to you all later.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Draw Dam It.

Yep, just some more studies. Ive started coloring in the Dennys Kids, Photo shop is FUN even more fun with wacom tablet weeeee lol. I really need to get a job were all I do is draw all day * sigh * That day will come. Anywho heres my jank.

Ps Its good to hear from all of you. Its nice to have ppl to support you in what you do :) Thanks for all your kind responses, they remind me to keep pushing. See you all around.

pss I have some time off next week so Ill try to get cought up with all my projects .... tattoos (loads of em), The Kings Son (really behind but still moving along), Figure studies (going well), Self portraits (need to find a way to stick the mirror to my drawing board so my left hand dosnt go numb lol) and Im going to call Shawn ( Guy opening re-birth tattoo) and see if we can meet up and go over some stuff. Yeah so heres to next week Three days off and a whole lota stuff to do lol ..... wouldnt mind getting some biking in ethier hmmmm yeah got to do that.

Draw draw draw.

Later :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kidz, For the Dennys Kids Corner.

Awhile back Adrian asked me to draw something up to cover up the holes in the wall left over from the pictures we had up at table 4 before it became the kids corner. Now that the pictures are down its kinda blank. Adrian suggested a clown and I was thinkin mabey not due to certain fear issues...... my clowns dont look all that friendly ...... so I came up with these kids. Im going to be doing a few more. Im going to be coloring these in photo shop soon, hopefully be done next week some time.
Anyway here you go Dennys Kidz.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Naked and Famous.

Ummm yeah just a few more life drawings from my class at the gallery.

The longest poses we get are 25 min poses so there not as detailed as they could be due to time limits. Im pretty happy with them considering the limited time givin. We start with 30 sec drawing and then a few 3-5 min drawing and move on to 15 min and finaly we end with two 25 min poses. The top 2 are 25 min poses and the last one is a 15min pose.... so yeah learning how to really manage my time with these and get the human figure down quick.

Now with some other news Im going to email my old art history teacher Kirk Sauer <------ Rocks. Btw if you want to see some of his work.... Really recomended, go to the CNC library and ask were the gallery is. Anyway back to what I was saying Im going to see if Kirk is still doing privite painting lessons at his studio, I hope he is. If so Ima going to start up some painting whoooot.... never really done it before so I main as well learn from the best.


Draw From Life.

Its been a bit since I last Posted and Ive been wanting to get these drawings up for some time now. Well to be exact 3 weeks. Ive been doing a figure study drawing course over at the two rivers gallery. Im finaly going to have some figure studies in my folio whoooot. Anyway heres some of the 15-25 min poses.

K I guess Im just posting 2 atm bloggers is dumb. Later

Friday, May 05, 2006

Kage Bushin no Jutsu.

Ha ha ..... Im a geek ;P

Any who 2 more self portraits today.
I like how this first one turned out. ummmm done in 8b lyra graphit stick soooooo fun.

Kinda wierd I was kinda looking down at the mirror for this one.

K Im going to try and pull an Andrew Jones here and get at least one portrait done each day. And if not at least try to catch up on my days off. Ummmmm lets see here I think Im almost up to par now from when I started, Yep now to keep it up. I figure if I do one for warm up before sketching and one before I finish a drawing sesion then It'll cover me for any days missed.


Used Abused Cheap and Dirty.......

I love Charcoal its Messy Dark and FUN.
K well Its been a few days so I guess that I should post seeing as I probably wont get a chance to this weekend. Dam Dennys...... I really need to move on. Im going to phone the guy opening up Rebirth tattoo and see if he's still looking for ppl. It'd be a wicked part time job on the side. I could at least go to part time at Dennys.

Well heres whatz I got. Self portrait Charcoal..... still got issues to deal with. Its hard to hold a mirror and draw. I think I should set up a mirror on the wall mmmm yeah or just go from photos..... but photos arent the same, no depth to deal with really. Oh well I guess I'll figure out something.

Some more hand studies.

Ummmm a tattoo Design and some sketches.

K Im done. Later.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Just some junk I been sketching, mostly on my breaks at work seeing as they like to back my weeks up together giving me no time to really spend a good day just drawing. But I get all day tommorow off and I have my class at the gallery tommorrow night so I'm going to spend the entire day just doing studies and portraits so that Im good and warmed up and can make the most of my class tommorrow night, also need to take some photos of what I have thus far cuz they are to big to scan.

Anywho the first one is for the Kings Son Who Feared Nothing. A goblin design.

and the next two are just fooling around.

That is all for now. Hopefully have a bunch of stuff up tommorrow night or on Wed Night.


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