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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I AM A JEDI......... FUCK U.

ummmm Yeah. Just some random junk I gotz going on here. I dont know whats with me lately but Ive really been having fun just fooling around with my drawings. Not to serious as of late lol.

K and now for some Fetish bunnies..... although I really need to find my origanal sketches cuz these look off for some reson. Anyway really disturbing stuff lol.

Hmmmm that is all for now. Good night all. Time to rest my odd mind. Kinda hopeing for some wierd dreams tonight..... " If your going to do robot things, You main as well be a robot."

Wax Devil heads and Digital Sheep ... to all a good night.


Mood..... amused and tired.


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