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Monday, November 27, 2006

Led Zeppelin is my muse.

Led Zeppelin and Self Portraits go hand and hand lol. This one is done with my right hand, been sketching abit with my left ..... really weird to get use to but its getting better.

And this is a sketch for a painting Im currently working on.... its for color theory class.

Oh yeah Ive got some sketches from last week as well. Got together with Dan for a sketch night which hasnt happened in ... ummm since spring or so. Anywho was in a weird mood with these.

K thats all Ive got for now Later all.
Btw..... Led Zeppelin RULES, yeah thats all :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Led Zeppelin and Left Handed Self Portraits.

Yep spent the night, after a hellish shift at Denny's, listening to Led Zeppelin and sketching. After a couple hours I decided to do a sp with my left hand to see how it turned out and to get the right side of my brain more into the drawing mood. Anyways here ye be.

Oh yeah Led Zeppelin ..... RULES!!!!!!! Hellz yeah.
Night all zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CNC fine arts Post.

Killing two birds with one stone.

1 Postin.... which I dont do enough. And

2 Finishing a class assignment.... yep posting is a class assignment.

Anywho I have some Portraits (20min each) that I did during the figure drawings I did this summer when one of our models didnt show up.

And heres some stuff I did last night. A wierd SP and a Idea for a Ink Monkey banner or something.

Btw Tod Im betting you could pull off a wicked SP they are pretty fun once you get into em.

Later all.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So its international self portrait day Nov,1/2006 over at
I love that place so much fun stuff going on whoooot.
Anyways the rules were you needed to do your self portrait on Nov,1 and have it up on the thread before the end of the day. I didnt have alot of time so I stuck a mirror infront of me ol computer and did this SP all in Ink......kinda wish I coulda spent some more time on this, but at least I got to take part in this wicked event. Its pretty cool seeing everyone from concept forums. Heres the link to the Thread if your interested. Lotsa awsome art work going on here.

Any who heres my SP.

Heres one I worked on just now missed the deadline by 20 mins though ugghhh. Oh well at least I got one in. This one is graphite on printer paper and spent about 30-40 min while listening to halloween tunes .. just cant get outa the spirit :). Oh and I riged a mirror to kinda hang infront of my drawing board so I can really start to put some time into these things without my left arm going numb lol. Now I just need a strong light source to get some wicked shadows going on ... well one thing at a time.

Second Self Portrait of the night.

Oka have a good night everyone. I think Im going to hit up anouther SP .... Yeah in the mood so why not.

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