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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Over the Hedge....and then some.

Well lets try this again. I tried to post a few days ago when I got a minute but Blogger was a bogging and I couldnt upload pictures. So Im having anouther go at it.

Lets start at the title then. I was working kids night yesterday and we just pimped out the kidz corner with a buncha junk, including a poster of the new movie Over the Hedge (really want to see this one) so seeing as the poster was there I sketched acouple of characters off the poster. The Barking cat isnt one of the characters..... just something for fun before I decided to sketch these out.

K a project character. The black maiden..... I think this is the third concept of her. The second one didnt turn out so hot.

A horse head for Tanja.... sorry if I miss spelled your name. I might be doing a logo design for her. Whoot fun stuff, gives me a excuse to do some refrence drawing anyway..... which I really need to do alot more of.

A tattoo for one of our fellow coworkers..... I hope you get it done Stacey. And Dez Im working on yours really I am..... why are all the simple designs the hardest to do..... arghhhh, Mabey Im just putting to much thougth into it .... I'll just start sketching and see what comes out of it. Anyway here the designs I did up for Stacey.

And just a bunch of sketches.



Bad Hair Day.

OHHHHH and a I just aquired a freaking wicked book. Art of Star Wars... The movies, although visually awinspiring, were a bit of a let down.... not a total let down but not living up to the Star Wars of old. Anyway The art team which was used for these three movies was a power house of my favorite concept artist like Feng Zhu(The reson I got into concept art), Ryan Church, Iane McCaig <---- designed Darth Maul. These are just a few. Most ppl are like hey the looks like a Degas or a Rembrant or whatever, I go thourgh books and Im like hey the looks like a Wesly Burt or a Iane McCaig lol yeah super geek. I sat through the credits at the last Harry Potter film just to see ... Iane McCaig concept design. Anyway heres the cover. This book owns me.

K well thats all for now.... wow first I dont post for weeks and then I spam you all to death lol. I'll shut up now.


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  • At 1:48 AM, Blogger Dez Dez said…

    OWNED!!! Yes!! I love it!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

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