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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Tender Bum......

K last night was the Ruffest Rawest ASS RAPE in a long long time *growl hiss spit* Dez I know you know the kinda night we were assulted with. To kinda explain last night heres the downward spiral that occured.

1 Someone had a personal issue and couldnt work..... I really glad He/She didnt need to stay for last night. It was brutal enough without having anything in the background... you know. I hope you feel better soon :(

2 Someone covered Someone.... yep gotta love working doubles. Thank you ____ your a life saver. Next time I see you Ima hugging you lol, which is tonight ;)

3 The night started out slow..... calm befor the end of all that we know.

4 3:30am ppl started to come in and were like oka lets get this bar rush done .... easy money. Well not so easy cuz like 4 min later the masses had gathered at out door step.

5. 4:00am More ppl in sick amounts, kinda like maggots on a decaying carcass. 4:30 Yep More ppl .... I think about that time the restrant was Packed, the kitchen print out paper started to curl on the floor and Mike went into the kithcen.

6. Hour wait on food, Angry hungry drunk asses ahhhhhh its almost a beautiful combination on some sick satanic sort of way. Its almost to painfull to continue ... but I feel I must.

7. 4:30 not only was there a hour wait on food but the tables that had got food in the early bar rush had eaten and left just in time for yet anouther crowd to come in and even befor we could clear tables they had taken apon them self to sit were they pleased.... The only thing worse than a self seater is a Drunk ass Bitch FUck TARDs WHO sit at a dirty table demands appys right away along with drinks WHILE your clearing and wiping their table.... FUCK YOU....

8. K its to much now. Around 5:00 things calmed down and it was just a wait for food. The kitchen had managed to get the role off the ground. Kitchen Staff.... Fawking GODS, I bow to you.


Walk outs
Broken glass
Nerve damage
Feeling dirty

Thank you every one for not walking out on the job... I thought about it and I know alot of you thought about it to. So thank you for not doing so.

K this Dennys Whore is DONE....Need to go draw abit befor tonight.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting back into the Mood.

Drawing requires a certain mind set and the best artist know how to attain that mind set at will....almost...... yeah I have a long way to go to attain that jedi skill, yet I plug away in hopes of reaching enlightenment. Here is my Journey thus far.

My First Black Maiden design for the Kings son Project. ummmm its something to start with... yeah.

Galka faces .... a race off the Final Fantasy online Game.

ummmm just messed up.

I'll try to keep up the daily drawing thing AND post my progress. Well Later.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random Sketchbook Stuff.

Just a few pages from my sketchbook that I thought Id share.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bwaaaaa shoulda stayed on the ground lol.


Yeah thats what I have to say about last night. Damit. Got way to drunk and way to Emotional last night......Fawk. I'd like to take the time to thank a few ppl who sat through my freaking dumb assedness yeah I was really dumb. Getting drunk and talking ...not such a good idea.

First off .... Id like to thank my wife..... I have no idea wtf I was talking about but Im sorry for being an asshole to you. I know we have our problems but they dont need to be public..... ugggggg feel like shit for talking about stuff last night. I know I'll hear about my stupidity later on .... ummm yeah I deserve it :( . Love you LOTZ *hug*

Second Phil...... Thanks for taking it easy on my drunk ass lol. FUN, though not a good Idea to spare (even in fun) when drunk though lol uggggggg. Shoulda stayed on the ground yeah..... First off Id like to say yeah I was really drunk when we were talking and second.... you dont need to shoulder stuff all the time. Talk if you need to. We should go out for coffee some time ..... no cream Ill "Man it" lol so I dont get called a pussy HA ha :)

Second .... Owche.... Dez .... ummm thanks for being there.....dont know what to say aside from that..... except Im a drunk'N dumb ass..... arrrgggghhhhh. I'm going to miss you Dez *sigh*

Third ....Chris, Disney night was freaking fun till I decided to become a jerk ass... thanks for hearing me out ....... same goes for you ..... you need to talk just gime a call. Thanks for well ... you know.

Fouth Josheee Poooo, Man Im glad your back whoooooot. I probably shoulda went out with you and Mac..... ummmmm then again mabey not. Thanks for siting through my stupid drunk talk .... man I can Bitch when Im drunk...ugggggg, shoulda just slaped me and said suck it the fuck up lol.

K and Fourth ummmm to any one I was a asshole to or bitched to....ummmmm just slap me oka next time you see me I need it ugghhhh.

Well hope to have some more stuff up soon ..... later on today mabey. K back to sleep abit befor getting up for work........ K Im done this time. Really I am. Dam Im a JACK ASS Arggghhhhhh.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Wow long time no post.

Its been awhile since my last post holy crap. Its not that I havnt got anything to post I've just been to lazy to scan and take the time to post. Well heres a few of the Kings son designs.... been falling behind on this project BUT definitly not quiting. Ive had to much fun with this one to just stop now. So heres what Ive got thus far.

Also Ive had a couple reqeust as of late to do some Music art for acouple of local bands. One is a really new start up band started by acouple of our regulars here at Dennys ... Zach and Peter the bands name Waste Basket ReJects <---- you cant go wrong with a band name like that. They asked me to do some skullz up for them so heres my first attemp .... hopefully goes over well.

And the other band I have no Idea of who they are but I was asked to draw something up the bands name is Media. They played last night .... which I was suppose to check out and ended up missing. Yeah around back I shouda known lol. Anyway need to make a pit stop later at Dennys to drop of the Pics to Zach.

Well thats all Ive got atm. Oh Concept forums has a blog section now whooot Ima going to hunt down my heros and link there blogs to here whoot. I know Marko has a blog. He was taking about the final cuts of his DVD (Good thing the sale of my right nut went so well ;p lol) Just need the DVD to come out now weeeeeeeeee.

ummm K Im done. Later
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