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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Draw Dam It.

Yep, just some more studies. Ive started coloring in the Dennys Kids, Photo shop is FUN even more fun with wacom tablet weeeee lol. I really need to get a job were all I do is draw all day * sigh * That day will come. Anywho heres my jank.

Ps Its good to hear from all of you. Its nice to have ppl to support you in what you do :) Thanks for all your kind responses, they remind me to keep pushing. See you all around.

pss I have some time off next week so Ill try to get cought up with all my projects .... tattoos (loads of em), The Kings Son (really behind but still moving along), Figure studies (going well), Self portraits (need to find a way to stick the mirror to my drawing board so my left hand dosnt go numb lol) and Im going to call Shawn ( Guy opening re-birth tattoo) and see if we can meet up and go over some stuff. Yeah so heres to next week Three days off and a whole lota stuff to do lol ..... wouldnt mind getting some biking in ethier hmmmm yeah got to do that.

Draw draw draw.

Later :)


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