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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Tender Bum......

K last night was the Ruffest Rawest ASS RAPE in a long long time *growl hiss spit* Dez I know you know the kinda night we were assulted with. To kinda explain last night heres the downward spiral that occured.

1 Someone had a personal issue and couldnt work..... I really glad He/She didnt need to stay for last night. It was brutal enough without having anything in the background... you know. I hope you feel better soon :(

2 Someone covered Someone.... yep gotta love working doubles. Thank you ____ your a life saver. Next time I see you Ima hugging you lol, which is tonight ;)

3 The night started out slow..... calm befor the end of all that we know.

4 3:30am ppl started to come in and were like oka lets get this bar rush done .... easy money. Well not so easy cuz like 4 min later the masses had gathered at out door step.

5. 4:00am More ppl in sick amounts, kinda like maggots on a decaying carcass. 4:30 Yep More ppl .... I think about that time the restrant was Packed, the kitchen print out paper started to curl on the floor and Mike went into the kithcen.

6. Hour wait on food, Angry hungry drunk asses ahhhhhh its almost a beautiful combination on some sick satanic sort of way. Its almost to painfull to continue ... but I feel I must.

7. 4:30 not only was there a hour wait on food but the tables that had got food in the early bar rush had eaten and left just in time for yet anouther crowd to come in and even befor we could clear tables they had taken apon them self to sit were they pleased.... The only thing worse than a self seater is a Drunk ass Bitch FUck TARDs WHO sit at a dirty table demands appys right away along with drinks WHILE your clearing and wiping their table.... FUCK YOU....

8. K its to much now. Around 5:00 things calmed down and it was just a wait for food. The kitchen had managed to get the role off the ground. Kitchen Staff.... Fawking GODS, I bow to you.


Walk outs
Broken glass
Nerve damage
Feeling dirty

Thank you every one for not walking out on the job... I thought about it and I know alot of you thought about it to. So thank you for not doing so.

K this Dennys Whore is DONE....Need to go draw abit befor tonight.


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger becca said…

    Ohh, Stan...I felt bad for you guys this morning...

    ...and I totally feel like shit for being late was only five minutes, but I wish I'd been earlier to help you guys...

    ..and, man, I gotta say....ass rape-age blows.

  • At 1:09 PM, Blogger Ink Monkey said…

    Ehhhh no worries.... I hope your day went better than our night :)

    Good luck with the school stuff today.

  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger Dez Dez said…

    Sttttaaaaaannnnn.... You haven't posted in a while!! OH OH!!!

    April 7th, 7:30, Native Friendship centre, is the opening of "Trends" the art show Young Associates is putting on. My sisters a member, so you TOTALLY have to go!

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger Ink Monkey said…

    Awsome Ima going to check it out for sure..... cant wait. And Ill be posting soon .... just got to scan some stuff in :)


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