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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Kings Son Who Feared Nothing.

Weeeeeee new project on the go ......I've decided to bite off more than I can
chew with this one I think.... but some times you need to have a go at something really hard just to see what you can do. I got the idea of the
Skillful Huntsman, a book I got from design studio press. What they did was take a
story from the brothers Grimm(The Skillful Huntsman) and make it into a production
design project. They were allowed to take the story to any time or place they
liked as long as it had all the same elements of the story. They broke the story
down into its main parts Characters,Creatures,Enviroments and Set,Transports and Props. Then they designed each aspect of the story as if it were going to
be made into a movie,tv show, game or whatever. By the time they were done they had a book which illustrated how the first stages of development as though it were going to be made into a movie or whatever. I thought that it would be a great learning experience to take this on. Im planing on making a pdf file of the book so it will be like a downloadable book. So heres my project.

The Kings Son Who Feared Nothing. <---click title to read the story.

Ive broken it down like this.


-The Kings Son ..... He has no name other than that so lots of leway there.
-The black maiden.
-The King... not in the story for long but whatever.


-The Giant and if you like the Women Giant he is trying to win the heart of.
-The Lion.
-Lots of creatures of the court yard were the tree of life is located.
-The demonds.
-The hob goblins.


-the Kings castle and surronding area.
-Some locations the Kings son may have went.
-The Giants house and yard.
- The court yard.
-The lake were the Kings son Regained his vision.
-The cursed castle.


-The Giants ball and pin game.
-The apple.
-The tree of life.
-The ring arm ring.
-the demonds gambling table.
-The Princes Sword.


-Umm dont really say anything about transports but I assum he couldnt walk
everywere..... well mabey but this is my take on it so whatever.

I suck at doing enviroment so hopefully this will help me out alot. Im also known for not finishing a project... yeah if you dont see updates often your welcome to slap me and say get on it already.

K so heres what I have so far.

The Kings Son.

Thats all for now Later. btw learning how to play around in here .... notice pics are not all at the top..... weeee mess'N around is fun.


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