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Monday, September 18, 2006

mmmm Tofurkey

Ummm yeah. Long time no post so heres some stuff Ive been sketching lately. The first four pics are from my new addiction.... FFXI online. The first two are of my wifes character Sidel... she plays a Mythra or something like that. The third pic is of a Galka stomping a Taru.... wifes Idea she dosnt much like the weeee ppl, I best stay on her good side lol. The fourth pic is a Black Mage Taru. The rest are just random stuff I felt like posting.

K hopefully posting more often although I cant promise.... Ive been searching for something missing out of my drawings I cant place my finger on it but they just dont work for me atm. Thats one of the resons for not posting lately. Ive been sketching sketching and checking out other ppls work for stuff I like about it. I really like Frank Frazetta work so freaking wicked, he did alot of work for Conan and Tarzan. I guess its just back to the drawing board for me.... well Im outa here.
Later and take care all.


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