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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Been having lots of fun on my vacation and now its back to the slave world. I guess its a good thing every day at work makes me realize how much I really need to get into the line of work I love. It seems so far away athough not really as long as I keep pushing now and really push when Im in school hopefully Ill be able to keep up to the ppl around me at CA.
Which brings me to the second part of my post. The new featured artist of the ummm month I guess .... I think Alien had a longer run than a month though....., well Im going to make it a monthly thing. Right intro, so the new artist of the month is BJÖRN HURRI. This guy is amazing, I had the opertunity to do a OC session with him one day and it was freaking awsome. It was a short session but still very cool. Oh yeah OC is a program which allows two computers to link up and paint on the same canvas. Very interesting program.
K thats enough outa me heres a couple a things I been sketching lately.

Allright see ya all later and Ill try to update more often.


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